My Food Blog Endeavor

July 14, 2010

You and I both have heard the saying “if you can read you can cook” and this reality is found for all of us in a simple recipe. A recipe tells you what ingredients to use in what order so that the end result tastes…good. And that’s where I find myself a lot of the time: reading a recipe.

As I’m getting more familiar with food I try experimenting and changing recipes. But mind you, I’m no expert on cooking. I just enjoy doing it and well thats pretty much all it takes in order to do anything, just enjoy it. Don’t ever take it too seriously and don’t ever criticize yourself to death.

With that in mind, I plan to embark on this newish endeavor. This food blog endeavor to be exact. I came across many amazing food blogs that inspired me to start one up myself.

I should mention that I’m from India and I love my culture’s food. I’m constantly trying to learn more recipes from my mom and she constantly is telling me she doesn’t know how to explain it, “Just cook it!” she says. I should add though that I’m not partial to Indian food. In fact one of my goals is to be able to cook different cuisines.

I intend to keep up with this blog for a while, and I intend to have a purpose for it so that I keep up with it, so here is my purpose:

This blog will serve as a food journal. A place where I can stash recipes so it will be easy to come back to later. A place where I can write about the food I make and share the recipes with whoever is willing to take it. I plan to go through the cookbooks and recipes I have and see what all I can come up with. I don’t intend to focus on any cuisine particularly, in fact it will be a variety of sorts.

So here we go.

6 Responses to “My Food Blog Endeavor”

  1. Talha Says:

    This is gonna be great, you’ve got my full support! The best part is I get to taste your endeavors and brag about it to all the readers.

    Im thrilled your writing…keep at it!

  2. Mariya Says:

    :-) thanks…next recipe mac n cheese!

  3. Safoora Says:

    I’m so excited to read about all your cooking, but unfortunately I won’t be able to taste it all.

    Make sure you make your favorites for when I come and visit.

    Love you!

  4. London Eats Says:

    Go for it! I started my blog for similar reasons, to collect recipes and as a food journal. It is quite fun to look back at things I was making six months ago – the tastes and smells come right back. I love Indian food too, so looking forward to seeing a bit more of that.

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